Fairytale Scenes

Biancaneve e strega.jpg

Plate Ø 28 cm.
The tale of Snow White does not speak only of envy and innocence. In it, I also read the love of nature, expressed by the sweetness of Snow White, against the violence of those who would destroy anything in order to grab everything for themselves.

Cappuccetto e il lupo.jpg

Plate Ø 28 cm.
I am very attracted to the theme of fairy tales… on the one hand, because it reminds me of the feelings I had in my childhood, on the other because it shows us how what we fear is often full of fascination.


Plate Ø 31 cm.
This “priest’s hat” decorative plate can also be used as a serving dish, as it is made with non-toxic, lead-free glaze compatible with food use. In the decoration I wanted to interpret a fairy-tale subject in a new and contemporary key.

“Autumn Leaves – Rapunzel” (Plate Ø 30 cm.)

“Autumn Leaves – Rapunzel” (Plate Ø 30 cm.)

Plate Ø 30 cm. – High-fire (920 °C)
I totally love the tales by the Grimm brothers. They are able to transport us into fascinating and mysterious worlds. I like to use a thin brushstroke on majolica, setting it apart from the excessive stylization that often characterizes contemporary styles of decoration and making it closer in style to the engravings once used to illustrate books. The roughness of the surface on which I paint, however, due to the powdery consistency of the raw enamel, makes the operation quite challenging.