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Maria Giulia at work in her studio of Piazza Sant’Agostino 4 in Ascoli Piceno.  For a map and directions see the section Contacts

Maria Giulia at work in her studio of Piazza Sant’Agostino 4 in Ascoli Piceno.
For a map and directions see the section Contacts

I was born and I live in Ascoli Piceno, a town with a rich artistic and architectural history, and a well-famed tradition of majolica art and craftsmanship. Majolica artifacts from Ascoli gained great appreciation and had their “golden age” at the beginning of ’900, and there are several artisan workshops in town that keep this tradition alive.
I have always cultivated a passion for the arts, especially figurative and fine arts, and although I followed a “traditional” curriculum of studies, this passion has grown in me over time and it evolved into a true calling. So, around the late ’90s, after graduating from law school, I was able to fulfil my dream of pursuing an artistic activity: thanks to my skills in drawing and water-color painting, which I had practiced for many years, I was admitted to one of the town’s best ceramic pottery workshops.


Such was my enthusiasm for this skillful art – which every time I opened the kiln gifted me with wonderful surprises (and a few disappointments) – that a few years later, after my two children were born, i decided to fully dedicate myself to this activity and I opened my own workshop in the St. Agostino square in Ascoli Piceno.
Since then, I have experimented with various techniques of decoration, opening myself to a wide expressive range, particularly with themes inspired by nature and landscapes where lights and shadow, depth and chiaroscuro elements are the fundamental characteristics.
Designing majolica jewelry represents the most recent creative line. Born as something I played with “just for fun”, it grew by and by – thanks to the use of gold in the “third fire” glazing – into a much more elaborate and precious work.




In the jewelry and in larger pieces that are entirely crafted here in the workshop, the forms are forged by hand and then undergo a first baking process; after that, they are dipped in a bath that primes the surface for decoration: a non-toxic, food-grade mineral glaze on which I then proceed to paint with color pigments that are also mineral-based. I like to clarify that, while this is widely adopted by most as a standard step in the process of majolica decorating – especially in case of small objects – I don’t use the technique of “spolvero” patterning as a template for the decoration, but directly draw and paint each piece freehand, thus creating literally unique pieces each time.

Then the pieces go into the kiln for a second firing; this process vitrifies the glaze, giving the surfaces their characteristic shine. The final touch is the “lustratura” in the third firing by applying highlights of 24K pure gold, which embellishes the objects with accents and outlines that bring out the details.

Participation in events · awards & acknowledgments

MaiolicaViva has been present since years at prestigious events of national and international relevance, such as the annual Argillà in Faenza, Portoni Aperti in Nove, Cèramica in Montelupo Fiorentino, and many more.

Check out the section related to EVENTS AND EXHIBITIONS at the bottom of the main page to learn more.

In some of these occasions I have had the honor of receiving speciali recognitions that I greatly appreciate, i.e., the “Artista Distinto” award at the Portoni Aperti 2012 Exhibit and First Place at the XI “Giovanna Garzoni” Showcase in 2013 in Ascoli Piceno.

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I consider as complementary to my artistic activity  the help I give to my family with the work at our country farmland... work that on each occasion serves as an inspiration for the realization of the landscapes that I portray on my ceramic art pieces.

Nature is present everywhere in my works, even in the dining sets that often take their inspiration from the spontaneous wildflowers I observe in the fields.

Therefore, I chose to dedicate a special section of this site where I will share about our country life.


Wear the Earth” jewelry creations are forged and decorated entirely by hand. They are true actual miniatures patiently crafted and painted with extra-fine brushes. For their creation, no less than three firing processes are needed: the first firing to obtain the “biscuit” from the moulded clay, the second to melt colors into the glaze, and the third firing to set the 24k gold.

The jewelry draws inspiration from nature – with its flowers, creatures, and colors – and from my dream world.

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The online store is not yet operative. If you are interested in purchasing something that you see pictured here, or wish to place a custom order for something created exclusively for you, please call or send us an email, or use the form in the section “contacts”.