Table Carafes with Nature motifs

These large carafes are inspired by the colors of summer. After using an éclatant palette for the two larger ones, I chose to decorate the smaller jug with the pastel tones of bindweed, on whose flowers rests a podalirio butterfly.

They are, however, not purely decorative pieces, but they can be used on a festive table spread for a large number of guests. Of course, as I always do, I used a non-toxic glaze for these pieces, suitable for food use. When firing the pieces, I set the temperature at 920 °C.

brocca grande girasoli2 senza base.jpg
brocca grande girasoli senza base.jpg

The large carafes are 33,5 cm. tall, while the smaller jug is 19 cm.

brocca grande uccelli senza base.jpg
brocca piccola convolvolo senza base.jpg